KOLB’S FARM STORE first opened its doors to the public in November of 1975.  It was a bit smaller than it is now, concentrating on farm fresh milk produced on the farm, drinks, bread, snacks, and hand-dipped ice cream.  Roy and Alice managed things with all the family helping out in various ways around the store and farm.  As the children grew and married, some moved away, some brought their spouses into the business, then grandchildren were added to the mix…through the years different ones have taken turns managing and working at different jobs!  With a large family there is always a labor force to draw on!!!

NOW with the addition of many new neighbors the store has become even busier!  Still processing and selling the milk our cows produce here on the farm – we offer:

v A full service deli with meats, cheeses, and fresh salads

v Nelsons premium ice cream

v P&S Pasta

v Fresh baked goods including pies and organic breads

v Fresh grown produce and fruit in season

v Food products for baking and cooking

v Great ideas for fast and easy meals!

OUR FARM FRESH MILK is still the centerpiece of our business.  Our cows are cared for humanely with all care given to keep them comfortable and happy!  The milk gets pumped underground up to the processing plant where it is pasteurized and homogenized.  It is always fresh without any additives or fillers added.  And we have NEVER injected our animals with rBST hormone which much commercial dairy milk contains.  What we sell to you is the same thing we feed our own families…fresh, pure, natural milk.

COME OUT AND SEE US and bring your family.  Throughout the year you will see the seasonal comings and goings of life on a working dairy farm.  You can see our cows and relax in the picnic area with some ice cream or a REAL Milkshake!

WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU and seeing you often!

                                                                   The  Kolb  Family